Credit Facilities Review and Restructuring Advice

Private technology companies often have complex capital structures with multiple levels of preferred financing, complex preference terms, capital lease financing, real estate lease liabilities, and bank debt or receivables factoring.

Public technology firms that have under-performed may be experiencing cash crunches, have excess capital and real estate lease obligations and possibly taken in complex PIPES investments. Mazars provides support to these companies or to large preference groups needing to engage in complex restructuring, bankruptcy and distressed situations.

The principals of Mazars have a history in restructuring and operating troubled companies, which allows our team to immediately bring a broader operational point of view to capital restructuring and creditor advisory assignments. The integrated perspective allows us to provide our clients fresh insight into both a company’s financial and operational position, and into the ability of management to execute on its proposed plan.

Mazars works with senior managements of companies seeking to improve financial performance and create value through financial and operational and/or capital restructuring, refinancing, asset redeployments, divestitures, and acquisitions.