Advisory and Consulting Services

At Mazars, we offer a full range of services that will give you a clear insight into your company strategy, business processes and financial reports.

We also give you all the necessary advice and support to manage your operational and financial processes and risks involved.

Our team of highly trained professionals deliver a range of specific services that can be adapted to the size and type of your organization.

Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning

The corporate budgeting, forecasting, and reporting process presents a formidable challenge to most companies, regardless of size or industry.

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Credit Facilities Review and Restructuring Advice

Private technology companies often have complex capital structures with multiple levels of preferred financing, complex preference terms, capital lease financing, real estate lease liabilities, and bank debt or receivables factoring.

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Credit Facilities Syndication

Our experienced syndication professionals will provide you with full access to the broad credit markets to ensure that your company receives the most competitive market-clearing financing.

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Private Placing Advice

With an extensive history of successful privatizations, Mazars can quickly and efficiently structure and execute public to private or government to private ownership.

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Alternative Investment Evaluation, Monitoring and Performance Review

Alternative investing has become well accepted in Qatar, and as a "gatekeeper" in this unique field, our well-experienced team provides investment management services, including hedge funds, private equity funds, and real estate funds.

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Management Consulting

Constant change is a key challenge to businesses as they seek to grow and remain profitable in an increasingly competitive market.

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