What are the different structures of business entities and their main features?

In Oman the following types of entities can be formed:
  • A joint stock company is formed by three or more individual or entities, whose liability is limited to the nominal value of their shares in the company’s capital. If a minimum of 40% of a company’s shares are issued for public subscription it is considered as a general joint stock company (SAOG). The minimum capital required in RO 2 million (US $ 5.2 million); otherwise it is considered as closed joint stock company (SAOC) and the minimum capital required is RO 500,000 (US $ 1.3 million)
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a private company formed by minimum of two and a maximum of 40 natural or legal persons, whose liability is the nominal value of their shares in the company’s capital. The minimum capital for an LLC wholly owned by Omani national is RO 20,000 (US $ 52,000) and RO 150,000 (US $ 390,000) with foreign participation.
  • A Holding company is a joint stock company or LLC that holds at least 51% of the shares of another company and has financial and administrative control. The capital of the holding company shall not be less than RO 2 million (US $ 5.2 million)
  • The other forms of business entities are general partnerships, formed by two or more individuals or entities and limited partnerships, which are formed by one or more general partners and sole proprietorships