Frequently Asked Questions for Oman

A business enterprise is required to obtain commercial registration from the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, registration with the Chamber of Commerce and a license from the Muscat Municipality or other regional municipality, prior to commencing business in Oman.

Other additional clearances may also be required from relevant authoritiesdepending on the specific nature of the business.

What are the major seaports and airports?

Oman has commercial sea ports in Muscat, Sohar and Salalah. There are six civil airports of which two are international.

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Does Oman have a one-stop shop?

The Ministry of Commerce & Industry is a one-stop shop, where from one window, domestic and foreign investors are assisted in quickly obtaining all required clearances.

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What are the criteria for getting residential and investors' visa?

An investor visa is granted to a foreigner who intends to invest his money in Oman and pursuant to a certification in this respect from the authority concerned.

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What are the sources of finance for the investors?

Commercial banks are the primary source of short, medium and long term credit.

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